Good job. Have used to sell my house and buy New one. After many years used to sell the house. Also recommended to my friend. They had a good experience.
–Anastasya N.

Nikki and Tim were extremely helpful throughout the home buying experience! Every time we found a house, they were able to set up an appointment for our earliest request. After we found the perfect home, Nikki and Tim went above and beyond to simplify all tasks and keep us ahead of the game. If you are thinking about buying a house, I would recommend you call these two first!
–Andrew G.

Both very professional and aim to please. Worked with my unpredictable schedule and each showing they knew almost every question I asked or would email or call the selling agent immediately asking the question. Closing went very smoothly and I will use them again when I purchase a new home in the future.

Tim was knowledgeable and incredibly personable. Made the whole experience easy and very very fun. Very honest and trustworthy. When looking at a well staged house, he counseled my husband and I that we probably wouldn’t like the house as much when all the furniture was gone. And he was correct! Glad we dodged that.
–Sarah C.

Communication, communication, communication. Tim was very prompt in answering our questions and concerns in a timely manner. He is honest, personable and he worked above and beyond in getting our home sold. When working with Tim you feel as if you’re his number one priority. We highly recommend Tim for both buyers and sellers.
–Marsha U.

Professional, personable, honest, reliable, ethical.
Tim and Nikki are a joy to work with. They held our hand while we sold our first home and purchased another one. Their knowledge of the market coupled with their honest and ethical foundation made selling our home in the cold and ice of early March a breeze. When it came time to buy a home, Nikki and Tim listened to our needs and Nikki masterfully arranged for us to see homes time and again. Tim’s knowledge of home building and Nikki’s ability to translate our ramblings into coherent thoughts were a tremendous asset. Closing on both homes back to back on the same day was a breeze because Nikki’s contracts and organization were impeccable. We love our new home and wouldn’t be in it without them.
–Emily M.

The ABSOLUTE best realtors in the business. I have purchased several homes in the past and I have found the only realtors I will ever use again. Tim and Nikki are honest, respectful and professional people who have your best interest in mind during the buying or selling process.

Tim and Nikki went out of their way to make sure I found a place in less than a week. They are by far the sweetest people I’ve ever worked with. Highly recommend them to anyone!

They went beyond the usual expectations to get my property sold. When I had a bad renter who would not pay the rent, Nikki travelled to her to try to collect. (I finally had to hire a lawyer and threaten eviction.) Although somewhat dissatisfied with the final sale results, I was glad to get out of the deal. It was an involved transaction, and the Kuchtas worked hard on my behalf.
–Connie S.

Simple process. They were available EVERY time we wanted to see a house, and stuck with us for seven or eight months. Eventually we got the exact style of home we were looking for in a better area than expected and at a lower cost. It was a really great team to work with, and we are thrilled with our first home and what we took from the process.
–Matt G.

Tim and Nikki are great to work with, and are quite responsive to their clients. The keep their eye on the market and know what is available. Being a home builder himself, Tim is quite knowledgeable about what goes into solid house construction.
–Steve J.

I have used Mr.Kuchta twice, once to buy and once to sell. His communication and knowledge of the market allowed me to find the perfect place and attract the correct buyers. It was Perfect Both Times!

The Broker In Black team provided great services during our rental house search when we first moved to Columbia, MO. Without any hesitation, we immediate engaged the team when we began house hunting! The team understood our needs and desired, and worked hard to show and educate us on local market. Thus, we had all the information needed to made the best decision. We will definitely engage Broken In Black again when we are ready to move.
–Alan L.

We have gone through the process of buying 2 homes in Columbia and have worked with Nikki and Tim on both. They were open to our feedback and never tried to push a home on us that wasn’t the right fit. They were open and honest and always stayed in contact with us. The process of buying our second house was lengthy and involved family that was new to the area and hadn’t bought a home in over 30 years. They were patient and understanding, and made sure everyone knew what to expect. If I were to sell my house or look to purchase another, I wouldn’t hesitate to call them!
–Matt L.