Custom Home Builder

There are a variety of reasons why people choose to build their own custom home as opposed to buying an existing one. The obvious benefit would be that your home is fully built to revolve around your specifications. You decide the location, layout, and every last detail of the home. While it can be a daunting task, there are few things more gratifying than seeing your dream home become a reality before your eyes.

Our backrounds lend to design, function and value. When we build your home we are building your custom fit masterpiece.

If you’ve heard horror stories about the pains of working with an unprofessional builder, it’s time to put your fears to rest. We take the hassle out of the building process, meaning you can focus on the fun side of building and allowing your imagination run wild. Our team will help you navigate through the home building process. Our unique pairing of experience in both the Real Estate Sales and Home Building arenas gives us unique insight into the process, and puts our clients at a significant advantage. We will guide you through site selection, floorplan, and site layout. Our process revolves entirely around the needs of our client and is designed specifically to avoid the most common complaints that we’ve heard about our competitors.

Imagine your perfect home. We’ll do the rest.

Beginning in the planning stages of building your home, we utilize software that will allow you around the clock access to the details of your project. You will be able to communicate with our team, make selections, request changes, view progress and time tables. Time and Cost updates are available at your fingertips with our software. Software cannot replace face to face interaction, so we divide our time between you and the computer by your level of comfort. By providing this service we can free up wasted time driving and meeting over small decisions.

Contracting and Budget

We utilize cost-plus contracts which means that you pay actual material and labor cost, “plus” a project management percentage that is based on your needs. Material mark-ups and cost overruns are avoided with our cost-plus process. Again, you will have up-to-date cost information at your fingertips, we aim to alleviate worries and wondering about where you are in the project.


During the selection phase we can help you eliminate second guessing and confusion with access to more information. You will work with both an agent and a builder who will assist you in selection based on lot sizing, grading and site plan options. Working with both a real-estate agent and a builder you will be provided with two different points of view. We aim for you to have all of the information in making a well informed decision.
Providing site plans will help you better visualize your project but also provide more information regarding options. Having a lot inspection prior to closing can also be valuable money saving resource. When it comes to negotiations Tim is working for you and has the experience in sales and appraisals needed to provide you the best outcome.


When building a custom home the planning and processes are crucial to a successful project. Also having a team that is able to effectively interpret your ideas and provide creative input is what sets us apart from the industry standard.