The city of Columbia places a high emphasis on education, with a highly-educated population and an economy that relies heavily on their educational institutions. Columbia is a unique city, home to a wide array of higher-learning institutions including Stephen’s College, Columbia College, and the University of Missouri. Additionally, the Columbia Public Schools system is widely regarded among some of the top public schools in the state, accredited with distinction by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.


Columbia has long been a destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Surrounded by a multitude of state and national parks such as Rock Bridge state park or Mark Twain national forest, the natural beauty of the area is well-known and well-protected. In addition to the scenic hiking and camping opportunities offered by the beautiful nature preservations, there are a variety of recreational parks in town. From golf courses to beaches, skate parks and multiple great fishing locations, Columbia has something for everyone trying to enjoy the great outdoors.


Founded in 1820, Columbia is a town steeped in history. Originally inhabited by the Missouri and Osage Indians, Lewis and Clark first passed through the territory in 1803, which also served as a hunting ground for Daniel Boone and his sons, for whom the county is named. Columbia College, later to become the University of Missouri, was founded in 1839. It was the first university established in Louisiana Purchase territory and partially modeled after Thomas Jefferson’s plans for the University of Virginia. Because of these ties to Jefferson, his heirs donated Jefferson’s grave marker to the university, where it stands today. Economically, the city benefitted from being a stagecoach stop of the Santa Fe and Oregon trails. The multiple universities in the area also served as an economic boon, as they continue to do today. The town remained largely undamaged by the Civil War, although it served as a heavy garrison for Union troops, despite the surrounding Boone County areas being decidedly pro-south. Throughout the 20th century, the city continued to grow and expand, shaping it to become the cultural and educational heart of the Midwest that it is today.

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